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These are words that come to mind when viewing the photographic collection that has resulted from This Place, a project exploring Israel through the eyes of twelve internationally acclaimed photographers. Convened by photographer Frederic Brenner, each artist was awarded a residence in Israel and, while there, created a major new body of work.

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Initially called Israel: A Work in Progress, the project sparks a new conversation about Israel and the West Bank as place and metaphor. We hope that this digital initiative pushes new conversation and narrative about Israel, art, and ourselves—as individuals, communities, and global citizens. In addition, Coughlin discussed the value of philanthropy, highlighting the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund, which helps families tackle childhood cancer by providing comprehensive financial, emotional, and practical support.

This is a multimedia and interactive exhibit that lets children and their families experience the world of NFL officials. The wallbreaking is the start of construction on a healthy teaching kitchen.

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A portion of that gift will be used to finance the renovation of four gyms at Erasmus Hall Educational Campus in Brooklyn. During his year-long fellowship at Hunter, Dr. Farley will lead a faculty seminar, work with both undergraduates and graduate students and continue his work in public health policy.

The Fellowship, funded by the Laurie M. But as Laurie M. Comer, M. The annual Joan H. Tisch Community Health Prize at Hunter College recognizes one individual and one nonprofit organization in the New York metropolitan area for outstanding accomplishment in the field of urban public health. The deadline for nominating a prize candidate is January 24, The Project has been funded by the Laurie M. Tisch Foundation.

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Laurie M. Tisch, President of the Laurie M.

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The article highlighted donors that have made it a priority to support art and cultural institutions in other boroughs. Pogrebin highlighted the impact of their contributions on smaller and more local organizations. The episode, hosted by Erin Fairbanks, centered on the role of philanthropy in assessing needs in a post-disaster setting and providing appropriate support.

The participants discussed the current state of hunger in the City, as well as public policies and programs to combat hunger and promote access. Patients and doctors involved with the program were also onsite to provide additional details, speaking with several members of the media.

Watch the video below. The City reports a 5.

A component of Change by Us is a mini-grants program to support these initiatives. New Yorkers can share ideas, create or join projects, and build volunteer teams with from the neighborhood or across the City. The prize, which was presented June 6th at Roosevelt House, is administered by Hunter College and is awarded to not-for-profit organizations and individuals for distinguished accomplishment in the field of urban public health.

Tisch, and Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch. The other components are the Joan H. Tisch Public Health Forum. The teens and Wilson discussed what it means to be a teen in New York City today. It brings teens together with contemporary artists, providing opportunities to work collaboratively, discuss art critically, think creatively, and make art inspired by this exchange.

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Ultimately, A Place at the Table shows us how hunger poses serious economic, social and cultural implications for our nation, and that it could be solved once and for all, if the American public decides — as they have in the past — that making healthy food available and affordable is in the best interest of us all.

We are supporting film-related NYC-based community outreach and engagement through a grant to the NYC Coalition Against Hunger, who is hosting several screenings coupled with a discussion about the important issues raised in the film. Thursday, May 9th at 2 p.

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Wednesday, May 29th at 6 p. This month marks the 6-month anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. The New York City Coalition Against Hunger is spearheading a new long-term, nationwide initiative to redefine the way people think and act about how they volunteer to fight hunger in order to make such efforts more effective in both reducing hunger and building hunger organization capacity, long-term. As part of that effort, NYCCAH will co-sponsor a conference in New York City with Community Impact at Columbia University on April 20th in order to offer technical assistance and training to area nonprofits, businesses, civic groups, senior citizen groups, religious congregations, government agencies, student and youth groups, and concerned individuals on how to implement structured high impact volunteer activities to both build organizational capacity and better meet the long-term food needs of the low-income people they serve.

The Taproot Foundation, known for providing pro bono services to nonprofits nationwide by leveraging corporate volunteers, has launched a new program platform. Taproot has built a database with more than existing pro bono providers, which works in tandem with LinkedIn, guiding nonprofit leaders to secure existing high quality pro bono resources through their own networks. Watch the full video from the event: Photos by Ayumi Sakamoto. Click to enlarge. We thank everyone who participated in our event on February 14 in person and on twitter! Please watch our recap video courtesy of NBC and read more, below.

General McChrystal shared stories from his time in Iraq and Afghanistan, ethical dilemmas, his ideas about creating a national civilian service, and perspectives on issues such as military interventions and gun control. There are vast disparities in diet-related diseases across neighborhoods where residents have few options to buy healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, and low-income residents are most severely affected. Tisch, president of the Illumination Fund. We believe that the way to move forward is to empower and engage communities, foster collaboration, and provide the tools to implement change.

More than people gathered in person and virtually for the annual Joan H. Lessons from New York and London. Please join the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund as it launches the Laurie M. The conference will focus on ways to develop evidence-based programs and policies that encourage healthier diets and lifestyles while making healthy foods accessible and affordable to underserved communities. Speakers will be announced prior to the event. A light breakfast will be provided. We hope to see you there! This passionate group of 20 young people will participate in the new national leadership development program, which will provide skills and resources needed to achieve social objectives.

With our partners at Karp Resources and a grant to BOCnet, vendors have access both to monetary aid and free training on business resilience and preparedness. Our partners at Philanthropy NY have done an excellent job compiling resources and information on current rebuilding and recovery efforts. Tisch Community Health Prize recognizes one individual and one nonprofit organization in the New York metropolitan area for outstanding accomplishment in the field of urban public health.

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The deadline for nominating a prize candidate is January 25, The Company pantry is always stocked with Green Cart basics such as onions and garlic. Says Arnish,. We love to see, touch and smell produce first-hand. I love how the NYC Green Cart Initiative provides fresh fruits and veggies in neighborhoods that need better quality produce at an affordable price. It is always interesting to learn about how they became involved with NYC Green Carts, and how the cart has changed their lives and helped them to provide for their families.

What do they make with these Green Cart ingredients? They also stock up on Apples, Pears, Lemons, Oranges and Berries that look seasonally delicious and incorporate them into pies, sauces and salads. Take a look:. We hope they set a trend for small businesses supporting each other in our community! The annual award, which was presented at the Museum of Modern Art, is funded by the family of the late Preston Robert Tisch to carry on his legacy of public service and philanthropy.

Meyer and Isaacson spoke about issues of management and leadership, hospitality, food fads, and business learnings. Meyer designated the prize money to Share Our Strength, a leading anti-hunger organization.

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Communities plagued by high rates of poverty, poor education, and unemployment are often the same neighborhoods where these diseases are rampant. Tisch Gallery that address themes related to identity, community and art. Exhibiting artists Siona Benjamin, Lori Grinker, and Gabriel Specter joined the reception and each spoke about the creative process and inspiration behind their work.