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The presentation of morphological information part of speech, gender, case, aspect, etc.

Moscow, Nevertheless, the specifics of the Corpus as a universal language research tool require in some cases different solutions; every departure away from Zalizniak's model is motivated by such specific requirements. Morphological analysis or a number of them , assigned to the lexeme as a part of the search result, is displayed as a tooltip when the mouse cursor is over the wordform. In the disambiguated corpus the full analysis is displayed, in the rest of the corpus the lexeme and the part of speech is displayed.

The metalanguage of the grammatical features is based on a set of tags, designed with a foreign audience in mind. It is also possible to search using traditional Russian names of grammatical categories.

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The following is the inventory of grammatical tags used in the Corpus, with examples in brackets. In certain cases the tagging will show multiple morphological analyses for one wordform. They'll at once see what a downy old bird I am. I knew I needed a bit of luck to win Christmas worldwide — Christmas around the world redirects here.

Пайк Утопленник - Summoner Stats - League of Legends

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